Natural Eastern Medicine Therapies In Auburn, WA

Come to Dr. Jiang Acupuncture today for acupuncture and other traditional Chinese healing practices. If you're suffering from chronic pain our clinic can help guide you to the natural healing solution that best fits your needs. We provide natural and traditional services such as:


Acupuncture is an amazing therapy that is utilized for all kinds of illness, pain and symptoms. We use traditional Chinese acupuncture techniques to help relieve you of your pain and help restore balance to your body and inner self. After an acupuncture treatment you will feel energized and relaxed.
man having his acuppuncture — Stress Relief in Auburn, WA

Electro Acupuncture

We use electrical stimulation to help with your chronic pain and illness. This also enhances the acupuncture needles and its effects on your body.
Electro needle — Stress Relief in Auburn, WA


Cupping has become a new and popular natural therapy used by athletes and people with blood circulation disorders. Cupping creates a vacuum on the skins surface to increase blood flow and improve your health conditions. Many conditions it is used for treatments are: High Blood Pressure, Anemia, Hemophilia, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, Migraines, Depression and Varicose Veins.
Woman having cupping — Stress Relief in Auburn, WA

Tui Na

Tui Na therapy is a traditional Chinese manual therapy used to help relieve muscle pain and treat specific patterns of disharmony in your body. Dr. Jiang specializes in this therapy in the Auburn, WA area.
Women having her Tai na — Stress Relief in Auburn, WA



This traditional Chinese therapy stimulates the blood flow and your qi to help maintain your health. We use Moxibustion sticks that are placed on the ends of the needles with special natural herbs. Bringing a warming affect to this acupuncture treatment.
Moxibustion — Stress Relief in Auburn, WA


Safe for children and older adults; acupressure is a therapy where we will massage the patient at their acupuncture points. This therapy is recommended for chronic allergies, asthma, common cold, flu, headaches, digestive problems and more!
woman having his massage — Stress Relief in Auburn, WA

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine has been a great approach to a healthy lifestyle since the 3rd century BC. It is still performed and used as treatments for certain ailments in China and all over the world. We use herbal medicine to understand and treatment different illnesses within your mind body and soul. Contact us today for more information on how herbal medicine can be a great healthy alternative to a better and healthier you!
Different types of herbs — Stress Relief in Auburn, WA